What does ‘home’ mean to you?

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An account from all areas of life

Brick by brick, a house is made, but it’s the human element which makes it a home. There’s no distinct or succinct way of describing “home” because, from all areas of life, someone has their own definition. According to an online survey, here is what “home” means to the respondents:


“Home can be anything; it can be a forest and all by yourself in solace. It’s wherever you find your solace.” – Nick Miller


“Home is where my family is. Wherever that may be. Home is warm and comfy and safe and that’s how I feel when I’m with my fam.” – Beth Dwornick


“Home is where I find my truest self. It is where my family is. It is my sanctuary.” – Amelia Turkette


“Home is where I can’t wait to take my new daughter and fiancée to in a couple of days. Until Monday, it was just a house. Once we all get there, it will be our home!” – Robert Maracle Jr.


College is a time when ‘people’ start to become home because it’s a sort of limbo between a home you’ve known your whole life and a home you’re supposed to be creating for yourself.” – Sydney Landon


“Home is where family and friends are free to be themselves.”  – Carol Sysol


“A house is cold. A home is warm. Nothing is better than when the family is together, and the love flows.” – Bonnie Herzog


Home, it’s how I remember 80 percent of the Great Lakes” – Gary Kearns


“I think home is wherever a person feels the most comfortable. Coming home can refer to a region as well as a house. I grew up in Taylor and as a young man moved away and stayed away for many years but eventually I moved back and was overcome by the feeling that I was finally returning home” -Denny Herwig


“Home is where the heart is, that’s my all-time favorite … it’s more than a place. It’s family, love and friendships within.” – Lynnette Elden