A Michigan-made summer A letter from the editor

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There is no denying that Michiganders have a particularly unique and sempiternal camaraderie. Maybe it stems from the frigid winters we endure, the varying regional cultures from which we come, or the love we all share for the glorious freshwater lakes that surround our multi-peninsula state. Whatever it might be, both homegrown and adoptive residents of the Great Lakes State enjoy nothing more than a Michigan-made summer once the snow melts away and the apple blossoms bloom.

I for one know that there is no place I would rather be in the summer months than the state of Michigan. Every year my list of things to do here grows longer with the days and I find myself always having to postpone activities until the next time summer rolls around. At the age of 15, my best friend and I compiled a Michigan summer bucket list — mostly because we didn’t have the means to go anywhere outside state lines. Now at 23 years old, our list has grown exponentially as we keep discovering all that Pure Michigan has to offer.

The item at the top of our list is touring all of the breweries that call the Mitten home. However, with over 200 of them to visit, this will remain on the list for years to come. In the meantime, taste testing the summer seasonal brews is the next best option for us craft beer lovers.

If drinking through the Mitten isn’t your pace, or you’re looking to explore what other summertime entertainment Michigan has to offer, our two pleasant peninsulas have plenty of hotspots around the shorelines of our Great Lakes. Whether they are well known, or have been discovered only by a lucky few, you can find a place to spend a few hours, or make a camping trip out of it. You could even grab a book written by a Michigan native to pass the time laying on the beach or sitting by the campfire. But don’t forget to lather up with the proper outside sun care so you aren’t out of commission and missing the summer fun.

Not the beach or wilderness type? Michigan has plenty of local events that go on all around the state, such as weekly farmers’ markets selling Michigan-made goods. Or check out a one-of-a-kind event like the Old Town ScrapFest. Perhaps attend an LGBTQIA pride parade in June. You could uncover the arts and see the musical Fun Home, or dance like nobody’s watching to songs that celebrate African-American Music Appreciation Month. Better yet, all of you foodies out there could eat your way through the many local eateries that populate our lake-surrounded state.

Whatever adventures you are looking for this summer, ing Magazine is here to share some of our favorite Pure Michigan activities to help you plan for your very own Michigan-made summer.