A Time for Change A letter from the editor

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March isn’t normally a time of change or positivity. The weather is still gloomy and we’re in the thick of spring semester, which is rarely a good feeling. March 2018 is an exception. Fresh activities, a focus on arts and culture and new leadership at MSU bring opportunities for positive change.

Creativity is all around us in the Lansing area. With Old Town’s Arts Night Out, a new show at the Wharton Center, celebrating Music in Our Schools Month and the impactful presence of melodies on campus thanks to MSU’s College of Music, there are plenty of things to listen to.

Looking for a unique outing? Sensory friendly shows for visitors on the autism spectrum are a new, inclusive tradition at Abrams Planetarium — a classic MSU gem that has educated the public about our solar system since 1964.

Ing has plenty of ideas for the spring season, ranging from money-saving road trips to responsible cleaning and indoor gardening. We’re even cleaning up our diets with a healthy shamrock shake recipe! In addition, we are looking at how to cleanse our minds by stepping away from social media.

While change can be celebrated in lighthearted, fun ways, a tone of seriousness and sincerity is always welcome. We’re looking at the #MeToo movement’s powerful impact on the awards season in Hollywood, as well as women who show true Spartan strength every day: MSU female athletes.

We hope this issue helps you prepare for the end of the school year (How did that happen so fast?) with graduation, warm weather and summer coming up. It’s never too early to cultivate positive habits and interests. We look forward to the change in seasons, as well as the much-needed change coming to our beloved university.