America The Beautiful(ly Diverse)

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Our Comfort Zone Doesn’t Define Us, But It Can Hold Us Back

Immigration is a key part of what makes America what it is. This nation was founded on new cultures, different communities, and a willingness to embrace them and make them our own. Though we have had our mistakes and stumbles along the way, our growing sensitivity to minorities proves that we are nothing if not embracing of new communities. Or, at the very least, we want to be.

“Community” and “culture” mean many things to different people, but the traditional definitions of the words still ring the truest in most people’s minds. Community is often the people around you, your friends and family who share your beliefs and interests. It can also be wider, encompassing millions of people who share a passion or set of ideals. Culture extends out of that community. It’s another layer of beliefs and traditions that surround us and direct our worldview.

It’s interesting wonder then that as new communities and cultures such as gaming, dance, music and art rise around us, we become so hesitant to explore them. We are safe among our group of like-minded people because they don’t challenge our thoughts or beliefs. This leaves small, amazing groups of people to experience only a tiny part of the success they deserve. 

Perhaps that’s the saddest part of all. As new cultures have grown in the United States, they have spawned new communities that are unique and intriguing, For example, the advancement of technology has brought about video-game culture and esports. Those are almost entirely American communities that often get shunned or ignored by most people. Those desires to better ourselves, reach out to learn new things and meet new people are stunted by our fear of stepping outside our comfort zones.

We here at ing Magazine aren’t OK with that, and we don’t think you are either. With that in mind, this issue exists as a tool to help you step out of that comfort zone, to broaden your horizons and experience new things. Inside you’ll find pieces on gaming, art, dance and history. These are examples of what has defined us in the past and what will continue to define us as time moves forward.

Trying new things doesn’t have to be scary. After all, this is what America does best. We embrace diversity, seek to learn from it and include the best parts of it into our own culture. But the first part in that process is to try. We hope this issue will help give you the motivation to take that first step.