Appreciating Life’s Little Moments – A letter from the editor

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It’s easy to get caught up in negativity and forget to appreciate positive aspects of life: the feeling of sun on your face after a long winter; gloomy, rainy days that become relaxing; or friends who can make you laugh even when you’re drowning in piles of homework. These hints of positivity may seem few and far between when you are weighed down by the stress of finals, but the end of the semester also brings new opportunities.

With my impending graduation, I’ve been reflecting on my four years here at MSU. So much time has gone by, but it feels like I’ve just started. I’ve been guilty of getting so caught up in the stress of balancing classes, work and a social life, that I haven’t appreciated how much college has helped me grow as a person. During my last semester, I’m going to change that by taking a few minutes every day to think of at least one thing that I appreciate.

The stories featured in this April/May issue are our way of showing appreciation for the things and the people who inspire us. We’re sure if you spend some time reading through all the articles there will be at least one which makes you smile.

Personally, I can appreciate an excellent burger cooked to perfection. If you’re like me, then you should definitely check out our recipe for COOKing. We also have articles to help you learn about community gardening or discover how you can love Mother Earth this Mother’s Day.

I also really appreciate the love I get from my pet (I have the cutest black cat named Lucy). In this issue, learn about Adopt-a-Pet Day so you can learn how to adopt a fur baby of your very own.

If you are interested in art, you can read about events happening in the Lansing area. With articles ranging from the amazing story of 22-year-old Myya Jones who is running for mayor of Detroit, to the history of a little-known card game that has become a Michigan tradition, this issue has a bit of everything.

We know that once the end of the semester appears on the horizon, the stress might drown out all the positivity that surrounds you. Fight the urge to dwell on the bad, and remember that there is always something to appreciate. Whether it’s the taste of a cold beer during a Lugnuts baseball game, the satisfaction of completing a race for a good cause or the excitement of seeing an amazing play at the Wharton Center, everyone has something that they enjoy.

So, take a seat, settle in and let this issue of ing Magazine inspire you to appreciate life’s little moments.