Big Campus, Little Spartan

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Michigan’s familiar coolness, marks that a pivotal change is on the brink—for college students, that is. Fall is a time for new and returning college students to celebrate their transition into a new semester full of endless possibilities and opportunities. 

Though we come to MSU for an education, “college” ultimately means something different to everyone. No two people have had an identical college experience. Some focus solely on their studies, some focus on their social life, some work full time and the list goes on and on. No matter what experience you have, it will significantly impact your life and your future—why not make the most of it?

Of the many resources available to MSU students, access to the community is absolutely the most valuable. It is where students find their best friends, their mentors and their inspiration. Getting involved can provide students with leadership and resume-building experiences, as well as beneficial networking opportunities. Spartans that value service work have access to effect significant change through programs like Upward Bound and the Peace Corps. On a campus as large as ours, you are practically guaranteed to find others with similar interests—so don’t be afraid to branch out and explore what the community has to offer.

While we stress the importance of “Making the Most of your College Experience,” it is vital to note that such experiences are different. As freshmen enter the world that is Michigan State University, these experiences can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to navigate priorities, who you are, what you want and how you’ll achieve it. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in college, you can’t possibly have everything figured out. In this issue, we break down the first few years of college and what steps students can take to maintain their well-being and stability.

To ease you into college living, our staff has compiled lists of dos and don’ts, best-eating practices and local venues you have to visit. Above all, we remind you that Spartans are the essence of MSU—the students and their incredible work are what make this university worth attending. There are certainly ups and downs to being a college student. Not every exam will go well, there will be late nights complete with caffeine-induced dehydration and you will never find parking, unless you’re lucky. However, through all of the chaos, you will find yourself, what you have to offer and your place in the world.