Connecting in a Digital Age A letter from the editor

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The best part about being a Spartan is, hands down, the community that comes with it; you’re connected to thousands of current students and hundreds of thousands of alumni scattered across the world — a handful of these people will become your Spartan family. In this issue of ing Magazine, we want to stress the diverse ways that connecting and finding your family could look like during your next four years.

We hope that, by the time this issue lands in your hands, you’re on the path to finding your people. If not, don’t worry. Whether you’re a part of a large organization, Greek life or smaller niche clubs and communities, you’re making connections that will last you a lifetime. It’s not always easy to feel a part of something. Sometimes, it happens so seamlessly you couldn’t imagine yourself being a part of anything else, but it’s often hard and takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there.

Thankfully, there are always opportunities to form those connections. We can meet people and feel like members of a community with a simple internet connection. At MSU, we get a bit of both worlds. We get to meet and interact with individuals from around the world face-to-face, but we also have podcasts, YouTube videos and social media to interact with people both near and from afar.

Just ask Chris Platte, a student and podcaster who uses his MSU roots to meet and connect with hip-hop and basketball fanatics from all around the world. Not to mention, the MSU brand itself brings a lot of recognition. With a massive alumni network, you’re sure to spark a connection in any corner of the world.

On a national scale, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which gives us an opportunity to come together in support of a common goal. And, in times of severe natural disasters such as the recent hurricanes hitting the south, coming together on social media means raising money and expressing support in times of dire need.

If that’s not enough connecting for you, consider this: With teamwork, MSU will be working with their biggest rival, the University of Michigan, to raise money for student disability services with Alex’s Great State Race, an initiative that will make you forget all about the big game.

Finally, in this issue, we invite you to meet the wonderful fresh staff of ing Magazine. We have pictures of us in our favorite childhood Halloween costumes and hope it inspires a little bit of nostalgia in you!

We wish you nothing but the best this fall, so slow down, snack on some pumpkin cookies and enjoy all there is here at MSU. Go Green!