Life Is All About the Next Chapter

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Growing up is hard. There is no other way to put it. We have to learn how to navigate life, and we won’t always get it right the first time. Sometimes, it feels like we are running in place with a rain cloud over our head, but other days the sun shines, birds sing and all is right in the world. College is filled with days like these, both the good and the bad. Every day prepares us for the next chapter.

We heard the victims of Larry Nassar bravely speak and seek justice, and it is time for MSU to take action and begin a new chapter — a chapter that will manifest itself in a cultural shift and an understanding between students, faculty and staff, and the administration. Students, like those who started the #GoTeal movement, are the forces behind this rewrite of MSU’s culture and policy. Because of them and active members of the community, we will see a change in how sexual assault is handled, turn the page on ignorance and negligence, and grow stronger as a university.

Spring also brings a new chapter for graduating students. The next chapter may look traditional ­­— maybe you’re moving from an academic career to a professional one — but it could also be more modern and adventurous, such as a gap year filled with traveling or a job at a local business, like Mitten Raised. Success after college doesn’t have to mean a job in your industry or being employed at all; success is defined by YOU, your growth and your own happiness. No matter what option you choose, take time to find yourself and mature. Adjust to the world outside of MSU. 

If you don’t have it all figured out yet, don’t stress; spend the rest of your semester applying to jobs, seeing a play like American Idiot at the Wharton Center, or learning how to meal prep (with the help of ing, of course). Enjoy the time you have left at MSU, because you will be a college graduate before you know it. Only you can define your success in life after college, so find something you love and turn the page to your next chapter.