Pushing the limits

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By the time this magazine is in your hands, most of its authors will have graduated. The rest of us will be seniors, trying to soak in each wonderful moment of our final few semesters here at MSU. Freshmen, beware; the time passes quicker than you expect it to. That’s why, in the pages of this first issue of the 2017/2018 school year, we hope you find something that encourages you to push the limits.

As cheesy as it sounds, college is all about taking chances. You’re finally living on your own, which is both scary and exhilarating. As an undergrad, you start pointing your life in a particular direction, and usually, regardless of whether or not you feel lost (at some point, you likely will), you’re doing the right thing. College is the perfect time to experiment with your own identity and escape your comfort zones.

Pushing the limits can be as simple as supporting underrated sports on campus or decorating your room entirely with DIY projects. Maybe, it’s as complicated as choosing a major that interests you, but confuses your friends and family (take it from me, convincing your pals that you can get a job with an English degree is harder than you think). Whatever it is, doing the things that frighten and challenge you are vital to personal growth, and what better time to grow than now, when you’re immersed in knowledge and independence?

The best part about trying new things in college is the wide range of resources. Now, you have all kinds of people in your life that you may not have had before: roommates, RAs, professors and classmates, all from different cultures, communities and backgrounds. You have a campus and surrounding cities that host events where you can branch out, and clubs with members who have uncertainties, just like you.

Of course, each new experience comes with its own hardships and burdens. You will doubtlessly feel homesick, fight with your roommate or encounter problems bigger than youself. When faced with disaster, it’s easy to give up, but committing to pushing your own limits alongside the people struggling with similar problems can give you the strength you need. And really, that’s the whole point of college.

Lastly, in this issue we take a step away from our theme to address an important topic that often goes undiscussed: sexual assault. While conversations are increasing and starting to change, it can never be said enough: it is never the victim’s fault. Sexual assault is hard to talk about; we want our student body to know that your voice can be used to keep the conversation going in the right direction.

We at ing Magazine hope you take this school year to try new things, and use your voice for the greater good. We will too!