Students are the Heart of MSU

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As of the time of this magazine’s printing, MSU has made media headlines for its failure to adequately address allegations of sexual assault in a variety of contexts. We’re aware. We’ll be covering these stories on our blog as they unfold. But we want to remind you of this: The students are what make MSU, and the students stand together in solidarity with survivors.

February is the Wednesday of the school year, wedged between winter break and spring break. As we all know, Wednesdays can suck. February really serves as a reminder that there are three months between you and the end of the year. If you happen to be graduating, like I am, these last few months of the semester can be overwhelming and emotional. As if the emotional turmoil of the semester ending wasn’t enough, this short and sweet 28-day month happens to celebrate something that, in college, can be difficult to understand, romantic love. That’s why this issue focuses on our love for the students of MSU — a different kind of love that defines our college years and makes them so hard to walk away from.

Every Spartan has a reason why they love MSU. People from all backgrounds and cultures come here and find something that makes their experience uniquely special.

Around the globe, Spartans are known for changing the world, whether through research or activism. That’s why this month we showcase significant social activist movements that have shaped this university throughout its history, and how students today continue those movements to make the world a better place.

Spartan innovation is something that we don’t take lightly at MSU, and luckily some of the world’s best researchers are our teachers, colleagues and friends. We use this issue to recognize Spartans who go above and beyond by highlighting some of the groundbreaking scientific research that takes place at MSU every day.

Forming relationships at MSU is a vital part of every Spartan’s experience. The bond we have with our “Spartan Family” can last a lifetime. To honor this, we take a look at the International Student Association Valentine’s Day Ball, and celebrates Spartans showing love to friends who may not be with their loved ones on February 14th. We also indulge in a season cliché and explore some romantic Spartan campus traditions.

So as you’re hanging in there, waiting for the next break or day above 40 degrees, we give you this issue, full of love, and hope you make the most of your time here at MSU.