The Essence of Our Lives A letter from the editor

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When brainstorming this issue’s theme, we wanted to explore something that was relevant in everyoneʼs lives. And what could be more relevant than something we all literally can’t live without — food.

My personal experience with food has been quite the adventure. Growing up in a small town with few ethnic restaurants, my world view of food was slim. Once I went to college and was on my own in a town with far more options, I had a newfound love for Thai food, Indian food and sushi. At one point, I became a vegetarian and then a vegan. It was all fun and exciting, but eventually I realized I liked ice cream too much. One thing I gained from being vegan was a newfound consciousness in what I ate. I learned to love cooking, and I tried new food that I fell in love with. I became eager to step outside of my comfort zone. Food had new meaning to me.

In this issue, we want to stress the local food scene and embrace the differences in the way we consume that food. We dive deep into what it truly means to be “organic” and MSUʼs long-standing agricultural roots.

But everyone has equal opportunities in affording that fresh and organic lifestyle, which is where the MSU Food Bank comes in to serve MSU students without a variety of food, from perishables to produce — all dependent on their household needs.

While produce is a healthy staple in everyone’s diets, most of us still can’t help but indulge in something a bit sweeter. Try our delicious peanut butter bar in celebration of National Peanut Butter Lovers Month, which is a totally real thing we’re all participating in!

Food is what binds us together. Why miss out on food this basketball season when you can celebrate the big win at any of our favorite East Lansing establishments? Or, for those more inclined to skip sports and stay in, shake up the classic Harry Potter marathon with a food marathon — complete with Butterbeer.

And finally, what kind of food issue would this be without a bit of Thanksgiving magic right here on campus? Did you know you can spend the holiday with your Spartan family at the Thanksgiving Unity Dinner? Plus, it’s catered! And what’s better than making new friends over a delicious meal?

Regardless of how you celebrate food, we urge you to sit back, flip through and learn something new about the food you consume. We hope this issue of ing Magazine gives food a new meaning to you.