Traditions: Making and Breaking

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In this issue of ing Magazine, we focus on facets of tradition. The idea of traditions prevailed in creating this issue because they are a prevalent part of our lives that we give significant meaning and value to. They’re something we grow up with, something that shapes us into who we are — something we create and pass down throughout our lives. We want to explore how making and breaking traditions can positively impact our lives.

Take, for example, the second verse of MSU’s alma mater, which we read only once we’ve graduated, and the minor changes in the fight song we each learn at our first football game during freshman year.

While cliché, holiday traditions involve giving gifts to family, friends and significant others, so we explore alternatives to the common tradition of gift giving by supporting families through MSU’s Holiday Gift Program. And outside of MSU’s community is the opportunity to find local charities to contribute to, such as volunteering at charitable organizations like homeless shelters.

Giving back can happen in unconventional ways, too. Being mindful during such a consumer-driven holiday season can impact the environment. We talk about thrifting and how this shopping approach can be a great experience. It may not be your normal affair, but it’s a change in tradition that can benefit you and the planet.

Traditions and habits go hand in hand — and focusing on what’s important in both is necessary — so, in this issue, we provide ways to kick bad habits and set personal goals if you find yourself in a seasonal slump.

And if there’s one tradition we can count on every winter here in East Lansing, it’s the snow. So why not make the most of it and turn it into snow ice cream? Yes, that’s a real recipe.

We at ing also explore our personal favorites when it comes to winter movies and traditions, because hardly anyone can say no to watching a holiday classic like Frosty the Snowman, right?

As many of us are likely college students and young adults, it may seem like some traditions are being altered to fit with new life changes. It may seem like some of the traditions we’re used to have ceased completely. However, breaking tradition should not always be negative. After all, breaking tradition gives us a chance to grow, and it allows us the opportunity to make room for newcomers.