Turn and Face the Strange: Embracing Change and Exploring What is Possible

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Love, flowers, chocolate, frigid temperatures, horrible roads, loneliness – February in Michigan is a tough sell. If Hallmark holidays and dressing in layers fail to appeal to you, the best thing about February might be that it is the shortest month. In fact, it’ll probably be half over by the time you’re done reading this.

Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for February. It’s like the busy Thursday that makes the weekend that much sweeter. To me, the month signals a period of transition. You can see the first glimpse of light at the end of the brutal tunnel that is winter.

At Michigan State, change weighs heavily on the minds of students. Graduating seniors like me are finalizing their future plans. Spring break is only weeks away, providing a chance for a change of scenery or maybe an opportunity for growth by participating in community service.

For some, February’s main holiday brings only a bitter reminder of past romantic misfortune. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, treat it as a wake-up call to remember your own value and the people around you who truly care about you. Turn a negative experience into change for the better.

Despite our best efforts to avoid it, the cliché topic of love should be on your minds in this transitional period. It is imperative we all remember to love and respect one another, especially in a time when our country’s political climate is as divisive as it has ever been. Beyond that, you never know what opportunities will come of the connections you make by being kind to those you see on a daily basis.

Change, like love, is both terrifying and thrilling. If you feel stuck in a routine, we have plenty of suggestions to help you branch out, from new events to attend like the spectacular Nordic Fire Festival in Charlotte to baked apples recipes if you don’t want to venture into the cold. There are plenty of ways you can escape the tedium of your daily routine. 

So maybe this February you aren’t at an exciting point in your life. But whether you’re graduating from college, still have a way to go or have left those years behind, remember to stay alert to change. Keep in touch with the supportive people in your life and finds ways to better yourself. Experiences rarely present themselves to you; you have to go out and find them. 

I hope you find some wisdom in my advice. Truth be told, part of the reason I’ve written this is to reassure myself. This is the last thing I will write for ing and my last issue as part of the staff as I prepare for a lot of change in my life.