Food With Purpose

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Stop letting your food rot by planning ahead

Wilted lettuce, sprouting potatoes and moldy yogurt—it happens more than most would like to admit, but it can be difficult to use all perishable food. After a long day, cereal and peanut butter sandwiches are a lot easier to make than a nice, well-rounded meal. This lack of energy is the biggest stumbling block most people encounter in the kitchen. There isn’t enough time in the day. 

Time, though, is the key to preventing the tragedy of wasted money. If you put the time in to plan a bit before heading to the store, it can make all the difference. With a bit of motivation and a few minutes of research, you can find tons of recipes that work with any cooking skill level. Cookbooks are a great investment, and ideas can also be easily found online. By picking out recipes ahead of your trip to the store, you will know exactly what to buy and exactly what you are going to do with the food. 

This won’t only save you money but time in the aisles, as well. Preparing will help you learn the store, figure out where they keep the essentials and keep you on track. Having a plan means you won’t need to walk around looking for an idea and you won’t have to spend one more second in Meijer than you need to.

Starting with breakfast, it is a meal many people skip simply because of the rush to work or class. Coffee takes priority over food when you have to survive an early day. Breakfast sandwiches, muffins and yogurt parfaits are all great options to quickly make a lot of. Sandwiches and muffins can be frozen for longer storage and once reheated make the perfect thing to nab on your way out the door. Fruit can be great as well, just make sure you are buying it with intention; know it will be a part of the start of your day. 

Large meals are the key for lunch and dinner  because they can keep you fed for multiple days during the week. Whether it’s a casserole, a crockpot meal or even a big pan of stir-fry, anything that makes a lot of servings and can be reheated easily is ideal. Cook them over the weekend and then stick them in the fridge. Heating up a homemade meal feels so much better than eating your third box of mac and cheese. Don’t let this stop you from stocking up on your favorite snacks foods, though. Granola bars and other healthy snacks will help if you are feeling hungry for something small or just need variety. 

Next time you drag yourself through that supermarket door, you’ll thank past you for doing the work ahead of time. Stop throwing away your food and stop relying on peanut butter to survive. You deserve better, and it doesn’t need to be difficult with a little bit of preparation.