Lansing’s Horrocks Market Stop at this grocery utopia to upgrade your shopping experience

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After a long week of classes, it’s hard to be motivated enough to even heat up a frozen dinner, let alone go to the store to buy it. When the prices are soaring at Whole Foods and the self-checkout lanes are overflowing at Meijer, it might be time to reevaluate where you’re shopping. Horrocks Market has all the benefits of a farmers market or natural foods shop and more. It is located on the west side of Lansing, just 20 minutes from campus.

Horrocks is huge; it has its own coffeeshop, popcorn station, candy counter, soup bar, tavern, flower shop and deli, along with well-priced produce, canned goods, sushi, gardening items and seasonal home decorations. Since Horrocks is open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., students can stock up on these items before or after class or on the weekends. 

Brooke Nolen has been a floral designer at Horrocks for a year and a half. She says the market offers a unique experience for shoppers that people are willing to travel the country for, and since the business has been around since 1959, many travelers have had it on their bucket lists for years. 

“We attract a lot of people from all over,” Nolen said. “We’re known for being one of the best markets around, and we started such a long time ago that it’s kind of spread about. It’s ever-expanding; we’re moving with the times and trying to make it bigger and better, but not lose the farm market appeal. Horrocks has kept its essence of being a farm market; it’s authentic in that sense.”

Darren Fisher, who has also worked at Horrocks for a year and half, agrees that the market provides a fresh take on grocery shopping. 

“Horrocks can expose college students to a lot of products that are different than usual; stuff that’s not offered at other stores,” he said. 

We here at ing Magazine have compiled a list of unique Horrocks items that all college students should have.


Next time you need a study break, you can stop by Horrocks to watch them make your savory study snack. You can buy all sorts of popcorn by the bag to munch on between meals, or even while you shop.


Along with the countless coffees to choose from and take home, you get a complimentary coffee while you’re shopping. Need we say more? 


For an indulgent break while you’re shopping, stop by Horrocks’ Tavern, where you can enjoy two complimentary samples and even purchase your own beverage to drink while you shop. They also have an extensive selection of alcohol that you can choose from to impress your friends at your next party. 


For students who don’t want to break the bank on loose leaf tea but want a healthy dose of caffeine before their classes, Horrocks has an assortment of unique and affordable teas. With flavors like acai raspberry green tea and pumpkin spice black tea — ‘tis the season — anyone will find something that satisfies their tea cravings.


For every late-night study session, Horrocks has more candies than you can count. With entire shelves housing milk, dark and sugar-free chocolate (for the truly dedicated health-nut with a sweet tooth), no candy-lover will be left behind. 

Next time your fridge is looking empty, make a day trip out of your shopping. Stock up on all the goodies we mentioned and more, and liven up your apartment with fresh flowers or seasonal decorations, all while supporting a local business that Lansing has always loved.

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