Spending the Day with Bae Romantic Locations Across Campus

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Over the last 50 years, the average age of people who got married has risen from the late teens to mid-twenties. The norm of high school sweethearts has become a norm of college sweethearts today, and colleges are often the sites of movie-like meetings between couples. We at ing Magazine would argue that MSU’s campus is better suited than most for these meetings within sweet settings. Below, you will find a list of the most romantic places on campus, which we recommend to you and your partner:

Beaumont Tower: Perhaps the most famous of these locations, Beaumont Tower is also the most superstitious. Campus myth holds that those couples who kiss in the shadow of the tower during the day or in its courtyard at night are fated to be married. Come here to sit beneath the trees and tower with a person you could spend your life with; or, just come here to hear the bells play every hour with someone you love.

Beal Botanical Gardens: These gardens are home to not only the world’s longest-running experiment, but to a beautiful assortment of plants. This area is planted with a range of flora native to Michigan, as well as flora from the tropics and other distant places. Though beautiful year-round — these plants bloom at all seasons but winter — the gardens are seen at their best in the late spring and early summer, when their rows of tulips are in full bloom to line the river and walkways of the garden. Many dates and weddings have happened here. This location has a history of romance and an air of something unique to MSU, where you and your sweetheart may have first met.

Taylor Jones, a freshman at MSU studying nursing, is particularly fond of the Beal Botanical Gardens as a place to wander even in her free time: “My favorite thing is how quiet it is compared to the rest of campus.”

Alumni Memorial Chapel: Located on the shore of the Red Cedar River and overlooking the water, this chapel has been a part of many weddings since its construction in 1973. MSU alumni Jim and Lucia Brudon were married here in February of 1973, in a small ceremony of family and friends. Lucia recalled the memory fondly: “It was special because we had both gone to school at MSU. It was a picturesque setting in the winter: so pretty with all the snow in the trees outside.”

Benefactors Plaza: Often a place where students and staff go between classes to relax on a bench, this garden area is lined by pillars dedicated to MSU’s donors on one side and by sprawling trees on the other. This is a little known location, quiet and filled with plant life and the sounds of a running fountain — the perfect place to bring your partner for a picnic in the fall and spring, and the perfect place for a late-night walk in the sparkling snow of winter.

Whether you’re looking for romance or not, MSU has one of the most beautiful college campuses, where lifelong memories will be made.