Summer Bucket List: Taking back your summer experience

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Every year we tell ourselves, “This is going to be the best summer ever,” and try to figure out the most exciting things to do. Some of us go out, attend a few concerts and see the newest movies. Others stay at home, binge-watching Netflix and sleeping until fall rolls back around. Well, I think it’s time we did better! This summer, instead of doing the same thing, let’s try everything. And we mean everything. We’re going to get up, be active, take risks, make memories, sleep until 2 p.m. and binge watch that one show on Netflix before it gets removed. Ladies, gents and nonbinaries, this summer we take back control and live it up!

Seeking Adventure

Go forth and live every day like it’s your last. At least, that’s the motto I’m going to use this summer. Get out of the house and have some adventures. 

“Every year, me and my sister go rock climbing in Colorado, then hike around the woods. It’s really nice to be around nature,” said a junior English student.

This season is filled with so many opportunities and memories to be made. It would be a shame to waste time and sleep the summer away. If you want to do something thrilling, may I suggest hitting up as many festivals as possible, skydiving with your best friend or conquering a fear? Perhaps a road trip around Michigan or spending a few weeks out of state, exploring places you’ve never been before. Need some motivation? Try documenting your summer by taking an Instagram picture every day.


Sometimes we need a quick break from all the excitement of parties, beach days and running around town. Take a day or two and relax. You know what that means; spend the day in your PJs, binge watch your favorite show, eat junk food to your heart’s content. Or, spend the day listening to music while staring at the ceiling eating candy. Bottom line: Treat yourself to laziness. Consider inviting a friend over to bask in the lazy day to make it even better.

Stepping Up

While this is the best time to enjoy yourself, it’s also an excellent time for bettering yourself. Consider doing an internship and updating your resume. Give back to others by doing some community service or raising money for a good cause. It may seem like a lot of work to some, but the help you give to others is worth it. 

“Yeah, I did an internship last summer. I was a TA in a program teaching little kids how to talk in a foreign language. I got a lot of experience from it,” said a senior anthropology student. 

If you want to do something closer to home, try starting a summer garden and exercising. From personal experience, I can vouch that those last two activities help the brain release endorphins (a chemical that makes you feel happy) and dopamine (a chemical that enables you to feel motivated).


I know we can get ahead of ourselves trying to do as many things as possible, but remember to spend some quality time with your loved ones – while having as much fun as possible. Backyard barbecues with your friends and family are one of the best memories to make. If you want to make your time more memorable, try doing new activities together. Going to a roller rink or an amusement park is a great way to bond. Oh, and don’t forget to light up some fireworks together.

If you’ve got some more ideas, make a summer bucket list of your own to complete by yourself, with some friends or with family.  Share your adventures with the world and let them know you’ve got some serious stuff going on. Even if it’s just watching “The Office” on Netflix or sneaking to eat some food at 3 a.m. No matter what you do this summer, make sure you’re having fun and staying safe.