Tackling New Tailgate Foods

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Bring home the win with delicious food

Football and food are two of the best things out there, especially at Michigan State University. The campus is surrounded by a sea of green and white, and people are tailgating on every corner. It’s like a never-ending food festival heaven, and with the football games being scheduled at different times over the weekend, it can be hard to prep what to bring. Try not to stress though, the ing team offers a variety of food for those morning and afternoon games. 


Morning Tailgates: 

Bagels and cream cheese. They are easy to prepare and a safe bet. But let’s take it a step further. Why not dye those bagels green? You’ll really get into the game-day spirit. You can either make these yourself by mixing in green food coloring or seeing if a local bakery can do it for you. Either way, it’ll be a hit. 

Sausage hash brown breakfast casserole. Isn’t your mouth just watering thinking about it? Mix frozen hash brown potatoes with sausage, egg and cheese. Spice up those regular scrambled eggs for this delicious, hearty breakfast. 

Bacon crackers. Who doesn’t love bacon? The preparation requires cheese, bacon and crackers. Just place down a fourth of cheese and bacon on a cracker and bake for 15 minutes. You’re probably thinking, “That’s it?” Yes, that’s it! 

Pumpkin honey-beer bread. The name says it all, this bread is made with beer, pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice. This is perfect for those sweet-tooth cravings during fall and the football season. 

Fruit cups and kabobs. Mix together watermelon, grapes, strawberries, pineapple, etc. to make a decadent and healthy breakfast snack. Place these in cups or make fruit kabobs for easy finger food. 

Mini chicken-and-waffle bites. Breakfast of champions? I think yes. Just cut those waffles into quarters and place a chicken nugget right on top with a toothpick. Make sure to have toppings like hot sauce and syrup! 


Afternoon Tailgates: 

Charcuterie board. This is the perfect way to include a bunch of foods that everyone can enjoy. Crackers, cheese, vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, jams, etc. You really can’t go wrong with this, and it’ll last for a while.

Chicken avocado burger. Regular burgers are great, but why not change it up? These only take 20 minutes to make from start to finish and it’s a healthy alternative, especially for anyone with health restrictions. 

Buffalo chicken dip. This is a must! It goes perfectly with tortilla chips, celery or baguette bread. This dip is part of the tailgating experience and it’ll definitely be the food that goes the fastest, so make sure to make more than you think you need. 

Beer-braised brats. Top these brats with some tangy beer sauce and onions. For some extra flavor and color, add some cranberry-pickle relish. This is a great substitute for the typical ketchup and mustard. Your friends and guests will be eating well. 

Spicy-sweet deviled eggs. It’s the mango chutney that makes these so ravishing. It’s a common dish that everyone knows, but with some zest. This will be another item to go fast, so you might want to double up on those eggs. 

Cookie platter. You can’t go wrong with one of these, and after everyone has eaten all the salty and greasy food, they’ll definitely be craving something sweet. You can either make your own cookies or buy a few platters at a local grocery store. 

It doesn’t get any better than tailgating season. Get your friends and guests excited for every game by firing up those appetizers, snacks and meals.