Taking Time to Show Gratitude

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A few months into the academic year, one would think that most people have their stuff together, or at least feel comfortable in their positions as students, interns, or new job. This may be the case for some, but most of us are still winging it, pretending every day that we know what we’re doing, even when we probably don’t.

At this point, homesickness kicks in as students and workers alike tend to burn out, just in time for Thanksgiving break. This November, during a time of deadlines and high stress, ing Magazine wants to help you avoid a mid-season crisis and instead encourage you to take a much-needed break and focus on what exactly it is that we have to be grateful for in our hectic lives.

Everyone is familiar with the novelties that come along with the season: turkey and stuffing, Black Friday deals and an emphasis on appreciating loved ones. And, despite the fact that we’ve probably heard enough political chat to last a lifetime, we can still be grateful that we have the right to vote this month, some of us for the first time. It also helps to change perspective and recognize that we can reap benefits from things that are usually considered daunting, such as the value in an unpaid internship, or even using the writing we do every day to alleviate stress.

Joy can also be found in the things we might not usually think to be grateful for, such as the pleasure of listening to music on vinyl, the thought behind a meaningful tattoo or how calming a good skincare routine can be during the harsh winter months. Even consider the work it takes to put on a Broadway production as renowned as Wicked and what other positive aspects a show of its scale brings to the community.

As those mid-semester blues start to hit, try not to stress too much. Remember that all the hard work is worth it in the end, or at least until you can make it to the dining room table and finally sit down to enjoy some pumpkin pie surrounded by family, friends or whoever you choose to spend the holiday with. If we stop working and studying just long enough to recognize how much we have to be grateful for, or even take the time to see the value in things that might not always seem valuable, the tough realities of day-to-day life aren’t nearly as catastrophic. So grab a copy of ing’s November issue and show some gratitude with us as we appreciate the upsides to life, no matter how obvious they may seem.


Elizabeth Weitzel is a senior majoring in english and professional writing, with an interest in editing and publishing. She loves to put her editing skills to use as a consultant at the Writing Center at Michigan State. On gameday, you can be sure to find her in the student section cheering on the Spartans.