Every March, the American Red Cross dedicates this month to acknowledging and thanking the numerous people who help save lives through their organization. The Red Cross is a charitable organization that depends solely on volunteers and everyday people who are willing to spend their time helping others. Many people assume that the only way they […]

Best Places to Go in East Lansing for St. Patrick’s Day As one of the busiest bar days of the year, St. Patrick’s Day is certainly a day to remember in East Lansing. With several different bars opening early and staying open later, the options for bar hoppers are nearly unlimited. Whether you’re looking for […]

Maintaining a healthy and romantic relationship in college can come with many hardships and struggles. Every couple has to find their own way to deal with the trials that arise while in a relationship. Most find time in between making it to classes, volunteering at organizations and tending to the other responsibilities that they have. […]

With so many examples of injustice and racism plaguing our world today, many have felt the need to step up to be the positive change that people need. Some students here at Michigan State University have done just that with the Black Student Alliance (BSA). Formed in 1969 during a time of great racial tensions, […]

Send a Card to a Friend Day — which takes place on Feb. 7 every year — is part of a slew of relatively unknown holidays. However, despite its obscurity, it is the perfect opportunity to keep in touch with friends. In the age of social media, our constant connection can become quite overwhelming. Writing […]