Lace up your shoes and bring your friends; it’s time to get moving for a cause. The greater Lansing area will host at least 12 road races that raise money for nonprofit organizations this April and May. This includes events such as Spartans Race for the Pat Tillman Foundation, the Hippity Hop 5K supporting the […]

It’s easy to get caught up in negativity and forget to appreciate positive aspects of life: the feeling of sun on your face after a long winter; gloomy, rainy days that become relaxing; or friends who can make you laugh even when you’re drowning in piles of homework. These hints of positivity may seem few […]

As a college student, it’s often hard to plan for the future much past deciding what to do over the weekend. Despite this, it is always a good idea to start preparing for your future, specifically your finances, sooner rather than later. Learning to effectively manage a budget early on can be one of the […]

Want to make ing‘s Red Velvet Milky Way Cookies? Grab the recipe and follow along with our latest COOKing video! Director: Chloe Becker Photography: Chloe Becker and Cynthia Bezinque Producer/Editor: Cynthia Bezinque Music: Martijn de Boer   Cynthia Bezinque is a senior studying professional writing with a minor in documentary production. When she isn’t working on video production she loves […]

Did you see our recipe for Easy Key Lime Pie and wish there was a video to walk you through the process? Don’t worry, ing has you covered! Grab the recipe and follow along with this handy COOKing video. Director, Producer, Editor and Cinematography: Cynthia Bezinque Cinematography: Erica Crown Music: Martijn de Boer   Cynthia Bezinque […]