Getting Involved

If you’re looking for suggestions for awesome groups to join on campus, here’s a sneak peek at clubs that are not just fun, but worth joining. This advice isn’t just for freshmen; sophomores, juniors and even seniors can get involved, meet people, make friends, make memories and most importantly, get involved with Spartan life. For […]

Best tailgating apparel For Guys Shorts or pants with pockets: Storage is key on game day; you’ll want your ID, some cash, keys, gum and maybe even sunglasses if the sun is out. Tennis shoes: Whether you go to the game or stick around at the tailgate, odds are you’ll be on your feet all […]

As we once again feel the warmth of the sun on our skin, wanderlust begins to fill the hearts of young travelers. After months of difficult studying through a harsh Michigan winter, nothing seems more exciting than the idea of embarking on a new adventure abroad or taking a road trip cross country with some […]

Here’s the thing about interviews: they are stressful, scary, intimidating and a lot like a first date. You spend hours planning your outfit, you spend extra time on your hair and you even practice what you will say in front of a mirror. You give yourself pep talks and tell yourself that you can do […]