One of the most exciting parts of the college experience is having the opportunity to spend time with friends. Whether it’s studying for a class, heading to football games or going to a fun party, Michigan State University is full of social events that cater to everyone’s interests. The party scene at MSU is one […]

As the end of October approaches and the excitement of Halloween takes over, coming up with a great costume idea can be daunting. Here are a few important things to remember when picking out your costume: DON’T wear shoes you’ll regret High heels are great, but if you’re finding yourself wobbling and nearly falling all […]

Tiny Bats Save your toilet paper rolls and create these cute little bats in a few easy steps. Time: 5 minutes per bat Fold in one half of the top of the toilet paper roll, then the other half, overlapping the previous fold to create the ears; if needed, glue the fold to help keep […]