From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, Hispanic culture and history is celebrated during National Hispanic Heritage Month. The culture, history and contributions of people from Hispanic communities, including Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean and Central and South America, are observed as a chance to learn from a diverse group of people. Every year the Michigan State […]

Michigan State University’s Morrill Hall stood for more than 100 years before it was commissioned to be demolished in June 2010 and was razed in June 2013. After the hall’s demolition, the site was transformed into the Morrill Plaza in honor of the historic building. Bricks and stone from the original building were used to […]

The following is a guide for making a hobo pie, adapted from cookingcomically.com. All you need is a small fire, some tin foil, flame-resistant/grilling tongs and some of the ingredients included below, and you’re on your way to the perfect meal.Protein:Hamburger meatGround turkeyVeggie burgerDiced potatoesSausageBaconTofuVeggies:OnionsCeleryPeppersJalapeñosTomatoesCarrotsGarlicSquashCabbageMushroomsCondiments:Barbeque sauceMarinara sauceRanch (or other salad dressings)KetchupMustard (regular, chipotle, honey-mustard, dijon)Hot […]

The world of theater is a whirlwind of collaborations, construction, memorization, designing and directing. This is no exception at All-of-us Express Children’s Theater (AECT). AECT produces four productions each year and is run through the City of East Lansing’s Parks and Recreation Department. After merging with the Parks and Recreation Department in 2009, AECT has […]