As we once again feel the warmth of the sun on our skin, wanderlust begins to fill the hearts of young travelers. After months of difficult studying through a harsh Michigan winter, nothing seems more exciting than the idea of embarking on a new adventure abroad or taking a road trip cross country with some […]

Here’s the thing about interviews: they are stressful, scary, intimidating and a lot like a first date. You spend hours planning your outfit, you spend extra time on your hair and you even practice what you will say in front of a mirror. You give yourself pep talks and tell yourself that you can do […]

Spring break has come and gone and as with many other college students, you may find that in its wake, you’re afraid to check your finances — especially your credit card statements. From overspending on lodging to using your card for restaurant visits and nights out, there are a number of common vacation spending practices […]

Itching to roast some marshmallows, reconnect with nature or breathe in that woody campfire scent? Camping is a great, low-cost way to get out of your house and hometown and to enjoy the great outdoors. Michigan is full of natural beauty, and its gorgeous landmarks and forests lend themselves to some wonderful campsites. Read on […]

Spring is right around the corner, which means traveling is on everyone’s mind, making this a great time to talk about indoor gardening. You may be wondering what traveling and indoor gardening have in common; not only is indoor gardening a great way to grow your own produce, but it also allows you to enjoy […]