If you’re single when Valentine’s Day comes around, it can feel as though there is a lot of pressure to find the perfect date to share the evening with. This year, the Michigan State University Library is providing a new twist on an old concept: blind dating. The Blind Date with a Book event will […]

6-inch Retina display smartphones, touchscreen laptops, tablets for reading digital books with hundreds of other applications and 50-inch televisions with 3D technology; with the ever-growing advancements of technology, our lives can seem dictated by tech applications like Siri and Netflix. Technology is a part of our lives, and it isn’t going away anytime soon, but […]

Many people celebrate the New Year on Jan. 1, some with the Ball Drop in Times Square or an impressive fireworks display in Central London; others celebrate the New Year on different days and months of the year, and in very different ways. The Chinese New Year is no exception — because it does not […]

Calling all baking novices and enthusiasts alike with little to no kitchen appliances or expendable time! Do you: Enjoy cooking and baking? Have an event you need to supply a dessert for? Have a little extra time and a craving that needs to be satiated? Look no further! This month’s recipe is a sweet treat […]

The End

Violet meshes with jet-black to create the calm, luminous hue of a winter twilight. On the other side of the window, in your apartment, holiday music fills the empty room as you finish your last minute packing. You feel excited to see your family, yet nervous to hear the questions that will follow concerning future […]