Calling all baking novices and enthusiasts alike with little to no kitchen appliances or expendable time! Do you: Enjoy cooking and baking? Have an event you need to supply a dessert for? Have a little extra time and a craving that needs to be satiated? Look no further! This month’s recipe is a sweet treat […]

The End

Violet meshes with jet-black to create the calm, luminous hue of a winter twilight. On the other side of the window, in your apartment, holiday music fills the empty room as you finish your last minute packing. You feel excited to see your family, yet nervous to hear the questions that will follow concerning future […]

MSU Alumni

For many students, the thought of graduating and entering the “real” world can be intimidating. The closer graduation gets, the more thoughts of prospective careers, worries about resumes and fears about paying off student loans start to surface. A lot of students doubt whether or not their major was the right choice to ensure employment […]

“Apathy and hesitation get you nowhere, and you cannot expect the world to change unless you are willing to try to change it yourself.” – Catie Bargerstock Embracing Michigan State spirit goes well beyond learning in the classroom; it’s about finding something you’re passionate about and using that passion to change the world and do […]

Holiday Budgeting

With the holiday season underway, many of us find ourselves stretching our budgets to cover the cost of gifts, travel, dining, etc. Because of this, it’s all too easy to end up in a financial slump at the very start of the new year. Through proper planning and execution, however, you have the power to […]