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Despite the tidal wave of craft beers and the exciting new innovations in nightlife entertainment, research suggests that young people are actually drinking significantly less. They’re not 100 percent sober, of course, but according to recent studies by research group Monitoring the Future out of the University of Michigan, drinking in teens and young adults […]

If you’re a native Michigander, you know that there’s no place like the Great Lakes State. There are many reasons to love the Mitten, but let’s start with five of them. Craft Beer Galore  If you consider yourself a beer aficionado or are simply picky about your favorite brews, beware of crossing state lines without […]

Did you know the greater Lansing area is home to over a dozen breweries, distilleries and wineries? Currently, there are nine breweries in the area with more planned to open this year. Whether you are looking for a unique food pairing or a microbrewery with a fun environment, there is a brewery for you in […]