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Christmas movies tend to share a lot of things in common with each other. Along with obvious themes such as the holidays and family. Christmas movies also tend to be comedic, appropriate for all-ages and loved around the world. The classic films, those shown every year when the calendar rolls around to December, have another […]

           Ever wonder which time of year it’s finally appropriate to start listening to Christmas music? Or which songs are the absolute essential must-plays of the holiday season? Well, wonder no longer, my friends. The following list contains the most important rules of etiquette an educated Christmas, music enthusiast should follow in order to truly celebrate […]

How are you with kids? A: Sometimes they’re tough to handle, but worth it. B: All kids can be well-rounded with good advice and patience. C: I don’t connect with them well. D: Kids are awesome!   What’s your dream job? A: Police officer B: Yoga instructor C: Advertising executive D: Teacher   Who do […]

Christmas music is quite possibly the most underrated genre out there. It’s only socially acceptable to listen to it for maybe two months out of the entire year, so you better make it count while you can! Many people gravitate towards the classics when they’re in the mood for some Christmas Spirit, but there are […]