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Every food blog and culinary influencer has a video touting “easy college cooking hacks,” but how many of those recipes are really applicable to college life? Most college students, especially freshman and sophomores, live on campus in dorms, which come with a whole list of challenges and limitations, culinary or not. What a lot of […]

Spring break is right around the corner, and if it snuck up on you, you`re not the only one. Asking around, you’ll find some people are headed somewhere warm, while others may still be looking to spend some time on the slopes. Others may be working over break, and some may have a short trip […]

Ramen has been a staple in many college students’ diets for years. It’s easy to make and easy on the wallet. After weeks of eating the same old ramen, spicing up this thrifty old favorite becomes a necessity more than an option. Having the same issue, I decided to start spicing up my ramen, turning […]