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Ah, shopping. Americas’ favorite pastime. Loved, and hated, by millions of people around the world, but a necessary evil in our modern, civilized world. If you’ve ever walked through a mall, you’ve likely seen about a thousand mannequins in windows and displays, flaunting the latest amalgam of fabric and stitching to cover your body. If […]

How A Simple Shirt Can Be A Platform Many of us have heard the phrase “the future is female,” and probably have seen someone sporting the simple white-fabric-black-font “the future is female” T-shirt. The slogan and shirt itself, designed originally for Labyris Books in New York, gained momentum when model and actress Cara Delevingne was […]

Instagram, where even the simplest of photos can be transformed just by adding the beautiful Kelvin or Valencia filter. The photo-sharing app has become quite the phenomenon, and it’s where many people turn when they need a little inspiration or escapism. So whether you’re researching for your next trip, or you just really need to […]