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When I first started college I honestly didn’t think I was going to join a sorority. All my friends had told me that I wouldn’t fit in, or I wasn’t the “sorority girl” type that is seen in TV shows and movies. I decided to keep those thoughts out of my head and went in with […]

Galentine’s Day

Most people I know are sick of Michigan winter by the time February rolls around—the cold days, colder nights, sunless sky and snow-coated everything. This month is even worse for those that want to celebrate Valentine’s Day but don’t have a significant other. While many of us can agree that Valentines Day is just a […]

White elephant is a gift game, most often played during the winter holiday season, with the power to irrevocably bond people in blood pacts or to tear relationships apart forever. It all begins with every person bringing a gift—usually, a cheap, re-gifted item (in my case, the succulent I killed), or a gag gift—and being […]