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If you’re searching for a unique and intricate puzzle game with low stakes and high reward, then you’re in luck, because this month’s recommendation is all of these things and more. The perfect casual game for creatives, “Style Savvy: Styling Star” puts your creativity (literally) center stage, allowing you to fulfill every fashionista’s dream. The […]

A lot of attention is often paid to the story of games and movies. Consumers expect a certain amount of polish out of plots, and everybody’s a critic. But every once in a while though, you crave something different. Something made to be fun, not a masterpiece. This is where B-movies come in; less polished […]

It’s Dark Souls meets early 90’s neo-futuristic anime. It’s a slap in the face followed by a kiss on the lips. It’s gross, it’s gritty, it’s niche, it’s a little confusing, but it’s aggressively playful and unapologetically original and just so punk rock–and unapologetic is really the best way to describe it. Let It Die […]

An indie darling finally makes its way to the Nintendo Switch Lost among the giant releases on Steam, PS4 and Xbox every day are the small indie games that often get put out without much fanfare. The developers usually don’t have much marketing budget and hope to rely on word-of-mouth to spread the news of […]