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They say that if you’re not living life on the town then you’re not really living. O.K., so maybe that saying has not officially been coined by a famous figure, but this month’s issue of ing Magazine is here to show you just what it means to live life on the town. Cue the accordions […]

Five Great Films Directed by Women For as long as Hollywood has been making movies, women have found themselves at a distinct disadvantage. Historically, there has been a severe lack of women on screen, and those working behind the scenes have long faced ridicule and backlash from male superiors and coworkers. Women who work behind […]

Spring Break

When it comes to college, it seems like everyone’s working to make it to the next break. After months of tests, homework assignments and late-night study binges, spring break comes as a welcome respite, and given the diverse conglomerate of students who attend MSU, it should come as no surprise that the plans people have […]

  College is four years made up of new, fulfilling and memorable experiences. If you’ve got a bit of wanderlust in you, studying abroad may be one of them. The list of countries that host study abroad programs is plentiful, and your expenses vary depending on location. Below, we’ve listed a few general expenses that you […]

From the evil step mother attempting to ruin her life, to the resourceful team of mice who boosted all her odds and even the fairy godmother that truly turned Cinderella’s story into an unlikely happily ever after, the original tale of Cinderella is so classic that its story was even adopted into the world of […]