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  Go Green! Go… go away parking tickets. Whether you’re not able to drive after a night out or don’t want to risk being late to class, leaving your car on campus sounds like a wise choice… until tickets. Riding through campus, all I see are cars decorated with the little sheets of paper that […]

In 1997, Larissa Boyce told Kathie Klages, who was then MSU’s head gymnastics coach and the head of the MSU junior gymnastics program that Boyce was a member of, that an MSU physician named Larry Nassar had touched her inappropriately during medical treatment. At 16 years old, Boyce put her trust in Klages, a woman […]

March Madness, or “March” as us non-basketball fanatics call it, is upon us. As the tournament begins, you feel some kind of obligation to sit in front of the TV with your friends who care enough to make brackets but not actually go to the game. While you’d literally rather be doing anything else, you […]

White nationalist and alt-right leader Richard Spencer is a white supremacist who promotes the idea that white people are dispossessed, oppressed, and at risk of having their culture destroyed; he believes there should be a nation of only white people. In addition, he believes that people who reside in Europe and predominantly white countries should […]

  1997: Two Spartan Youth gymnasts report Nassar’s inappropriate behavior during medical treatments to ex-head coach, Kathie Klages. They were 16 years old (Larissa Boyce) and 14 years old (Jane Doe/unnamed) at the time of the assaults. 1998: Tiffany Thomas Lopez, an MSU softball athlete reports Nassar’s inappropriate behavior to 3 different athletic trainers. She […]