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  1997: Two Spartan Youth gymnasts report Nassar’s inappropriate behavior during medical treatments to ex-head coach, Kathie Klages. They were 16 years old (Larissa Boyce) and 14 years old (Jane Doe/unnamed) at the time of the assaults. 1998: Tiffany Thomas Lopez, an MSU softball athlete reports Nassar’s inappropriate behavior to 3 different athletic trainers. She […]

This January, the horrific history of sexual assault at MSU was brought to light because of the inhumane actions of Larry Nassar. For two decades, his abuse was ignored and victims silenced. When given a listening ear were able to speak their truth. Now, the students of MSU stand in solidarity with the victims to […]

Say what you will about the taste and variety of the cafeteria foods, or which cafeteria is the best on campus, but there is one thing that I’m sure you haven’t ranked in your mind: the drinks. When I say drinks, I don’t mean a single cup from the fountain drink selection — I mean […]

Hello! My name is Dan. I’ve switched my major seven times—and no, I’m not kidding. If you’ve discovered that you need a change, that each time you’re in the lecture hall  you don’t belong there, that business or psychology or chemistry is not in fact what you want to do for the next 50 years […]

Creative writing often serves as an outlet of expression. Many authors use fiction, poetry and nonfiction alike to explore their imaginations, their world and even their interior selves. The act of writing can be a powerful tool of retelling and reclaiming narratives, of remembering stories and of creating pieces that entertain and enact social change. […]