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Music festival season is upon us and if you’re like me, then it’s all you can think about. You might catch yourself looking up where it is, what the line-up is like, how much passes are going to cost, etc. Once you’ve finally figured out which ones you’re going to and bought the tickets, it’s […]

From vinyl records to cassette tape to CDs, media and consumers are quick to dub these music mediums as dead (or dying). But digging their graves is useless, as vinyl records and cassette tapes resurge “from the dead” and gain new popularity, and CDs continue to show positive sales numbers. Today, tangible, tactile music forms […]

Battle of the Music Streaming Services Spotify and Apple Music are the biggest heavyweights in the world of music streaming. Both services acquired tens of millions of paid subscribers, and they are so influential that it is hard to remember that there are other streaming services out there. Ever since Apple released its music streaming […]

Maggie Rogers: the Future of Pop Music, Today On Jan. 18, Maggie Rogers released her first album since the overnight success of her song that went viral, “Alaska.” For an entire year, we waited for the mystery girl who had stunned Pharrell Williams speechless to tell us who she really is. Heard It in a […]

Sick of listening to the same songs over and over again? Can’t find a playlist that fits your music style? Trying to find the right playlist for a certain event? Well, you are in luck! Here is a list of the best playlists that Spotify has to offer:   All Out 00s   This will […]