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The short answer is yes. People often ask me specifically why I’m not more girly. In high school, I wore makeup every day, but in college, I’ve stopped. I wear the same oversized hoodie almost every day. With this change has come constant rude questions and suggestions about my sexuality, overall appearance and how I […]

Tired Tales and Tips from One Exhausted MSU Senior Anyone else ever feel like their morning alarms just can’t take a hint? I mean seriously, if I already snoozed the last seven of you, what makes you think I’ll actually be ready to start my day by the eighth or ninth incessant chime?   I’m […]

February is National Time Management month which means it’s time to be productive. Lucky for you, ing is here to help you find exactly what you need! We’ve got a list of wonderful apps and tips to help you get your shit together. TIPS: via GIPHY Write it down: I mean it. Go get a […]