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Anyone who’s ever played on a sports team knows how close teammates can become over the course of a season. The group begins to feel like family. On the MSU football team this year, that comradery is especially true for six athletes – three sets of brothers. The Panasiuks, the Dowells, and the Allens are […]

After finals week is over, summer hits with a wave of relief. You get to relax, sleep in (yay, no more 7:45am finals…until next year), maybe take summer trips or simply enjoy the sunshine outside. However, beware of a summer gap on your resume. Don’t go the summer months without adding a new job, internship, […]

One of the many ways Michigan State University sets itself apart from other colleges is the opportunity students have to travel. When I say travel, it’s a very broad definition. Michigan State has a very well known study abroad program with more than 260 programs in over 60 countries. There are also many opportunities for […]