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Soccer, or football in the rest of the world, is not one of the most popular sports in America. When you are gifted with major league and collegiate teams in football (American), hockey, baseball and basketball, it is easy to forget about the world’s favorite sport. Once every four years, though, we are given a […]

Say what you want about the Olympics, both summer and winter, but I find them horribly boring. Hockey is interesting to watch, as is swimming and sometimes gymnastics, but unless you get lucky and the games are held in a part of the world close to you, more often than not, the most interesting events […]

Featured Image Credit: justinknabb   Sports season is in full swing. The MLB World Series is ending while football and hockey season finally get to the good parts. Teams are starting to show what they truly are – contender or pretender – and playoffs are coming up quickly. If you aren’t a sports fan or just […]