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If you don’t follow strange tech news as obsessively as I do, then you may not have heard the tale of Franky Zapata and his attempt to cross The English Channel recently. A French inventor, Zapata had created a hoverboard that utilized five mini turbojet engines, each packing over 200 horsepower and able to reach […]

With iconic Steve Jobs having been at the helm of Apple for so long, it is easy to forget what truly made Apple what it is today. Sure, Jobs was the mastermind behind innovative products like the world had never seen. But for every new product that shook the consumer world and delighted users, there […]

A few days ago we talked about Google and how they are seeking to make as much money as possible off of a feature literally none of their users want: ads. Since Google makes a ton of money running their Ad empire, it makes sense that they would want to try and stop people from […]

For people outside of the Apple ecosystem, there have really only been two names in the internet browser game: Chrome and Firefox. While Microsoft has puttered around with Internet Explorer and Edge, they’ve never been a real contender in the race. Other browsers such as Opera exist, but beyond a small, niche market, they aren’t […]

Traditional television may not be as practical as streaming services anymore, but that doesn’t mean that the big networks can’t churn out interesting concepts on occasion. This seems to be the case with a new show debuting next year on Fox. Called neXt, the trailer shows off a world where digital assistants are normal and […]