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ing Magazine is a student-run publication at Michigan State University. ing isn’t an acronym; it’s the verb ending that denotes continuous action, a reflection of the activeness of the MSU community.


  • Take your Hot Dog Game to a New Level

    Take your Hot Dog Game to a New Level

    Everyone knows that hot dogs are a tailgate essential. While hotdogs with ketchup and mustard are a classic, why not try something new? Football season is approaching quickly so check out these easy ways to spice up your dogs!1.      Breakfast Dog: It’s never too early for hot dogs! For those early morning tailgates add scrambled […]
  • Best Breweries in greater Lansing

    Best Breweries in greater Lansing

    Did you know the greater Lansing area is home to over a dozen breweries, distilleries and wineries? Currently, there are nine breweries in the area with more planned to open this year. Whether you are looking for a unique food pairing or a microbrewery with a fun environment, there is a brewery for you in […]
  • Most Instagram-able Places on Campus

    Most Instagram-able Places on Campus

    Michigan State is the nation’s pioneer land-grant university and one of the greenest campuses in the United States. MSU’s campus is composed of 5,200 acres of land and is overwhelmingly beautiful (especially in the fall). With that much land, I would say Michigan State is one of the most instagrammable college campuses in Michigan. If you […]

Feature Stories

  • Red Cross Month

    Red Cross Month

    Every March, the American Red Cross dedicates this month to acknowledging and thanking the numerous people who help save lives through their organization. The Red Cross is a charitable organization that depends solely on volunteers and everyday people who are willing to spend their time helping others. Many people assume that the only way they […]
  • Conecter App

    Conecter App

    Helps MSU Students Meet New People The feeling of stepping onto a campus surrounded by more than 40,000 unfamiliar faces can be intimidating. No matter how many years one has spent on Michigan State’s campus as a student, interacting with someone new occurs often. However, meeting people who share the same interests and hobbies can sometimes […]
  • March HappenINGs

    Student EventsFridays and Saturdays – Pink Floyd: The Planetarium ShowVisit Abrams Planetarium and enjoy the album The Dark Side of the Moon set to stunning visuals in this highly anticipated Planetarium Show. Tickets are $4 per person or $2 for members. The event begins at 10 p.m. For more information, visit abramsplanetarium.org.March 19 – Dress […]
  • PLAYing: Bippity Boppity Basketball

    PLAYing: Bippity Boppity Basketball

    From the evil step mother attempting to ruin her life, to the resourceful team of mice who boosted all her odds and even the fairy godmother that truly turned Cinderella’s story into an unlikely happily ever after, the original tale of Cinderella is so classic that its story was even adopted into the world of […]
  • WATCHing: Women Behind the Camera

    WATCHing: Women Behind the Camera

    Five Great Films Directed by WomenFor as long as Hollywood has been making movies, women have found themselves at a distinct disadvantage. Historically, there has been a severe lack of women on screen, and those working behind the scenes have long faced ridicule and backlash from male superiors and coworkers. Women who work behind the […]


  • WRITing: Let’s Live a Little

    WRITing: Let’s Live a Little

    They say that if you’re not living life on the town then you’re not really living.O.K., so maybe that saying has not officially been coined by a famous figure, but this month’s issue of ing Magazine is here to show you just what it means to live life on the town. Cue the accordions and […]
  • Spring Break

    Spring Break

    When it comes to college, it seems like everyone’s working to make it to the next break. After months of tests, homework assignments and late-night study binges, spring break comes as a welcome respite, and given the diverse conglomerate of students who attend MSU, it should come as no surprise that the plans people have […]
  • SAVing: Tips for Studying Abroad

    SAVing: Tips for Studying Abroad

     College is four years made up of new, fulfilling and memorable experiences. If you’ve got a bit of wanderlust in you, studying abroad may be one of them. The list of countries that host study abroad programs is plentiful, and your expenses vary depending on location. Below, we’ve listed a few general expenses that you should […]
  • Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Style

    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Style

    Best Places to Go in East Lansing for St. Patrick’s Day As one of the busiest bar days of the year, St. Patrick’s Day is certainly a day to remember in East Lansing. With several different bars opening early and staying open later, the options for bar hoppers are nearly unlimited. Whether you’re looking for […]
  • Unique Date Ideas for any MSU Couple

    Unique Date Ideas for any MSU Couple

    Maintaining a healthy and romantic relationship in college can come with many hardships and struggles. Every couple has to find their own way to deal with the trials that arise while in a relationship. Most find time in between making it to classes, volunteering at organizations and tending to the other responsibilities that they have. […]