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ing Magazine is a student-run publication at Michigan State University. ing isn’t an acronym; it’s the verb ending that denotes continuous action, a reflection of the activeness of the MSU community.


  • 3 Tips to Help You Tailgate Like a Pro

    3 Tips to Help You Tailgate Like a Pro

    Pretend that there is a pro tailgating league. If there were… these would be the basics to get your foot in the door. Maybe get you a tryout at the very least. Tailgating is essentially just urban cheerleading anyhow? Right?Refreshments, Check. Portable grill, Check. Green and white clothes from head-to-toe, Check. Now that we’ve got […]
  • How to Dress for Football Games

    How to Dress for Football Games

    If you plan on actually going to the game, your outfit choice might be a little different than those who are solely tailgating. Seeing as Michigan weather is extremely unpredictable, your best tool before picking out your outfit will be checking the weather when you wake up. Even if you check the weather the night […]
  • Fall Date Ideas

    Fall Date Ideas

    Autumn is debatably the best season in the Midwest. The leaves are brilliant colors, the air is crisp and it’s football (tailgate) season. It’s also the perfect time to go on dates! Whether it’s with your significant other or friends, check out these fall date ideas.Uncle John’s Cider Mill: Cider Mills are the perfect fall […]

Feature Stories

  • Honoring The Past

    Honoring The Past

    Sept. 11, 2001 is a date no one in the United States should ever forget. It was a day where lives were lost, people were hurt and heroes stepped up. An ordinary day turned into one of the worst nightmares America has ever experienced. The destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City, the […]
  • Banned books & book lovers day

    Banned books & book lovers day

    Summer is a great time for people to catch up on the reading lists that have been neglected during the school year. With no classes to worry about or homework to do on the weekends, students can spend more time embracing the joy of reading.The end of summer gives students several reasons to keep reading, […]
  • The millennials are here

    The millennials are here

    It is the year 2016, and soon the kids born in the year 2000 will all be legally able to drive. “Only true 90s kids will remember” memes will be slowly edged out by “only true 00s” or whatever those kids will be calling themselves. The Atlantic names Millennials as anyone born between 1980 and […]
  • The Importance of Giving Back

    A letter from the editorBy Alicia PilmoreI’m not sure there’s anything more satisfying than coming out of a cold, snowy winter and finally seeing flower buds peeking through the earth. No matter how dark, cold and frozen everything seemed, those resilient little buds make their way to the surface every spring. It’s like Earth hits […]
  • FEATURing: Lend Some Love and Locks this Summer

    By Hannah HollidaySummer is the perfect time for you to let your hair down and have fun. It’s also the perfect time to embrace change and to use all of that newfound free time to make a difference in the world.Hair is a big deal many people, whether they want to admit it or not. […]


  • A letter from the editor

    It’s not easy getting older. That might sound a little odd coming from a college student – after all, we’re still fresh faced and young, not even out in the real world yet. As all of the pressures of school combine and our busy schedules make it more and more difficult to do the things […]
  • 80s Movie Must-Haves

    80s Movie Must-Haves

    There are always pieces of pop culture from previous generations that spill over into the culture of the newer generations: legendary movies, songs and TV shows that have done so well that they still reign supreme long after their time. Whether it be from family movie picks or Netflix suggestions, the plots, words and storylines […]
  • College Move-In Specials Ways to save money

    It’s back to school season! Whether you are a soon to be freshman or a seasoned college student, you know that there is typically a long shopping list of needed items for the dorms. Even though it’s a small living space, the prices for bedding, mini refrigerators, microwaves and more, add up quickly. To help […]
  • Eating Locally in East Lansing

    Eating Locally in East Lansing

    Buying and eating local produce and goods is a great way for students to support local farmers and businesses. East Lansing is home to a couple of exceptional farmers markets and stands both on and off MSU’s campus. Exploring your local farmers markets is a great way to get to know some of the hardworking […]
  • Some more s’mores

    Some more s’mores

    One of the best parts about summer is having bonfires. After the sun has set, everyone sits around the burning logs to tell ghost stories or catch up on all the summer’s events. But the best part of bonfires, by far, is the s’mores. Those gooey, sticky treats only require three ingredients — graham crackers, […]