When it comes to video streaming services, Netflix is king, followed closely by Hulu. Lost somewhere in the shuffle are Showtime, HBO and Amazon, which only gain real relevance when they are able to muster up a unique show that grabs everyone’s attention (Game of Thrones, for example). Otherwise, they never really hit my radar. […]

Internet culture has a funny way of turning tragedy and emotional turmoil into comedy. Usually, it’s used as a coping mechanism, a way for people to process the discomfort and sadness and move on with their lives. In no way does it address the issue, nor does it incite positive or negative conversation, but sometimes […]

Perhaps the greatest whistleblower of all time, and an American hero, will finally release a detailed account of his own story, in his own words. September 17 is the date that Edward Snowden, famous ex-employee at the NSA, will release a memoir detailing his time at the agency and the conflicts that caused his now-famous […]

A Texas panhandle school district is facing some heavy criticism this week after announcing that they plan to drug test any student, seventh grade and up, who wants to participate in extracurricular activities or apply for a parking permit. As classes begin in the Bushland Independent School District in Amarillo, Texas, next month, students will […]