The Twilight Zone originally aired in 1958 as an anthology series that told a different story every episode surrounding unusual science-fiction, paranormal, fantasy and horror-based events. The original show was known for its unexpected endings with each episode teaching the audience about their morality. Known for the iconic theme song and Rod Sterling’s presentation of […]

Spring is a time when many people choose to clean up and refresh their homes, and a great way to spruce up a place is with some green. Terrariums are a great way for someone to bring a little life into an indoor space and fill up that empty area in the windowsill. The best […]

You have every right to be skeptical; I was, too when I first started the challenge. I ‘ll say that right off the bat. Usually, challenges found on the internet aren’t scientifically proven or consulted by a nutritionist. It’s an Instagrammer, or a Pinterest-er, who mixes together something green with something fruity and then voila! […]

I don’t feel young anymore. I recognize that I’m only 21, but I still don’t count myself as being young, nor do I count myself as being old. Yet, I can feel Death coming for me. If you feel the same way, here are some signs that you are growing old. Going out sucks. You’re […]

Music festival season is upon us and if you’re like me, then it’s all you can think about. You might catch yourself looking up where it is, what the line-up is like, how much passes are going to cost, etc. Once you’ve finally figured out which ones you’re going to and bought the tickets, it’s […]