The power within food and drinks Food is the best medicine next to laughter. You ever get some food and can’t help but do a little dance? You ever get instantly happy when you see your waiter or waitress coming out with your food? The joy that a good meal, quick snack or a thirst-quenching […]

Bringing personalized craft coffee to the Lansing community Doug Mains is a local entrepreneur who’s had over 10 years of experience in customer service and coffee. Along with his wife, Lindsey, he runs Lansing’s only mobile espresso bar, Runabout Coffee Co. His journey to Runabout has been filled with numerous other business endeavors. His previous coffee […]

Meat, Cheese and More The perfect addition to any brunch, night out with friends or basically any meal is a charcuterie board. The meats, cheeses and sweet accessories combine to create a respectable version of playing with your food. Take a look at these pictures to see the stages of plating a charcuterie board, which […]

From low-class food to high-class meal A lobster – the rich and delicious sea creature that is served at any seafood restaurant. In the U.S. alone, lobster is the seafood version of steak and only ordered if you’re planning on spending those big bucks. Although, this wasn’t always the case. This now high-class meal was […]

The Michigan Chicken Wing Festival celebrates 5 years For decades, chicken wing festivals have existed in the United Kingdom and throughout the United States. Thanks to the impassioned vision of Shirley Carter-Powell, the Michigan Chicken Wing Festival (MCWF) will be holding its fifth event this year at Lansing’s Adado Riverfront Park from Aug. 31-Sept. 1.  […]