“What is food if it’s not about family and friends?” Mena Castriciano has been asking herself this very question since she was a young girl. Castriciano was born in rural Calabria, Italy, and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 12. She grew up creating and sharing authentic Italian cuisine with family and friends […]

Where to enjoy a classic combo of burger and milkshakes  When we think of American culture during the summer, we can agree a nice, juicy hamburger and cold milkshake is something a lot of us enjoy! The real question is where are the best ones in the Lansing area? And do you go to a […]

“Do you have anything that’s gluten-free?” You’ve probably heard this phrase about a thousand times in restaurants. Maybe you’re even the one saying it. The gluten-free trend is on the rise thanks to fad diets and celebrity endorsements. What you may not realize is that passing crazes like this one are doing real damage to […]

Food With Purpose

Stop letting your food rot by planning ahead Wilted lettuce, sprouting potatoes and moldy yogurt—it happens more than most would like to admit, but it can be difficult to use all perishable food. After a long day, cereal and peanut butter sandwiches are a lot easier to make than a nice, well-rounded meal. This lack […]

Bring home the win with delicious food Football and food are two of the best things out there, especially at Michigan State University. The campus is surrounded by a sea of green and white, and people are tailgating on every corner. It’s like a never-ending food festival heaven, and with the football games being scheduled […]