While you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving feast in the comfort of your heated home, spare a thought for the birds and squirrels stuck outside. These recipes require no cooking, just a little creativity and a lot of peanut butter. All measurements are approximate and can be changed depending on the size of the materials you have […]

What is a Credit Report and Why Do I Need to Understand It? You have a credit card — maybe your first. Once you begin establishing credit, understanding your credit report is the next step to ensure you are in good standing in terms of your credit usage. Why do you need good credit? Initiating […]

Before Thanksgiving became a nationally celebrated holiday, there was already a rich culture of traditions existing in the United States. Native Americans were already practicing and spreading their culture throughout North America. While most Americans were taught about the history of Thanksgiving, they often don’t know about the original holidays that began here. In Lansing, […]