Dec. 10 is known internationally as Nobel Prize Day. While modern-day earth shakers such as Malala Yousafzai and Albert Einstein are famously known for their Nobel Prizes, this year we’re looking back at Nobel Prize winners that have reinvigorated their industry with academic, cultural or scientific advances while also being proud Spartans.  History of the […]

As soon as the temperature drops and fall sets into place, the holiday season arrives. This is the time for great movies, family bonding and snowfall. The new year sneaks up behind all the festivities and it forces you to think about everything you may have (or have not) accomplished; it also brings in a […]

Close your eyes and imagine you’re a refugee. Your home — what you’ve known as a safe, familiar place — is no longer safe anymore. You will face violence and persecution if you don’t leave soon. When you finally make that tough decision to uproot your life, you arrive in an unknown place, burdened with […]

As 2017 turns into 2018, many people will use the new year as an opportunity to start breaking bad habits. Here at ing Magazine, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions to make kicking old habits teasier and more fun! Set a list of personal goals It’s impossible to start getting rid of bad habits if […]